Flexible subscription packages - tailored to meet the size of your organisation and the frequency of use.

Significant member discounts to access and subscribe.
Allergen Bureau Full and Associate members receive a discount of more than 85% for access to VITAL Online.
Global members receive FREE access to one or multiple VITAL Online accounts.
We highly recommend you consider the benefits of becoming an Allergen Bureau member.

Organisation size options

  • Global1
  • > 100 full time equivalent (FTE) employees
  • 51-100 full time equivalent (FTE) employees
  • 10-50 full time equivalent (FTE) employees
  • < 10 full time equivalent (FTE) employees
  • Individual

Subscription period options

  • Yearly
  • Monthly (Default setting is for "Auto-renewal". Select “Disable Auto-Renewal” under “Billing and Subscriptions” to manually control the frequency of monthly subscription)
  Allergen Bureau Members
(AUD$ ex-GST2)
(AUD$ ex-GST2)
Organisation size Allergen Bureau Membership - yearly4,5 VITAL Online - yearly plan Membership & VITAL Online VITAL Online – yearly plan VITAL Online - monthly plan3
Global1 30,000 Free VITAL Online 30,000 27,000 3,375
>100 FTE 6,000 600 6,600 6,000 750
51-100 FTE 3,600 360 3,960 2,970 371
10-50 FTE 1,200 120 1,320 990 124
<10 FTE 600 60 660 495 62
Individual 200 20 220 165 62

1. For Global Membership and Global VITAL Online subscriptions packages, please contact the Allergen Bureau directly at or + 61 437 918 959.

2. All prices quoted are ex-GST.  All prices for Australian entities are subject to a 10% GST under Australian GST Law – A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999.

3. Default setting for monthly plans is for "Auto-renewal" of a monthly credit card payment. Select “Disable Auto-Renewal” under “Billing and Subscriptions” to manually control the frequency of your monthly VITAL Online subscription renewal. All ingredient and recipe information will be retained for the next time you choose to access VITAL Online by a monthly plan.

4. Applicants for admission as a Full Member undertake to agree to be bound by and observe the Constitution of The Allergen Bureau Ltd, upon admission as a Full Member.

5. New Memberships are calculated on a quarterly pro-rata basis throughout the Membership year: April - March, except for Associate Member D (Individual) which is an annual subscription fee renewable on 1 April.


The Allergen Bureau is a not-for-profit organisation and revenue from VITAL Online is reinvested in Allergen Bureau projects to deliver against our charter of ‘informing the food industry’.